Washington Township Board of Education Meeting – Monday, May 10, 2021 @ 7:30pm.  The meeting will be open to the public via Zoom.  To enter the meeting, participants must log in using their first and last names.  Please use the link or meeting information below:

May 10, 2021 Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 788 7735 2231   Password: C4s4rk


Additional information may be accessed by viewing the E-Blasts section of the website.

Please contact the main offices with any questions or concerns, during this time.

Stay healthy and safe!


Public Hearing – Administrator Contracts — June 14, 2021 – Board of Education Meeting

Port Colden School Page

Port Colden Address

30 Port Colden Road
Washington, NJ  07882

Port Colden School Grade-Levels

  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade

Important Contacts

School Principal

Michael Neu

HIB Coordinator

Deb Tierney
Brass Castle:  908-689-1188
Port Colden:  908-689-0681

HIB Specialist

Jennifer Borusovic
Brass Castle:  908-689-1188
Port Colden:  908-689-0681

Teacher & Staff Contact Information

1st Grade Teacher1st GradeVoice MailEmail
Mrs. Sarah Bettenhausen1st Grade Teacher2566sbettenhausen@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Nicole Campagna1st Grade Teacher2542ncampagna@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Kara Cruts1st Grade Teacher2540kcruts@washtwpsd.org
2nd Grade Teachers2nd GradeVoice MailEmail
Mrs. Jennifer Kruger2nd Grade Teacher2554jkruger@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. AmyBeth Kupcha2nd Grade Teacher2535akupcha@washtwpsd.org
Miss Melissa Freitas2nd Grade Teacher2536mfreitas@washtwpsd.org
3rd Grade Teachers3rd GradeVoice MailEmail
Miss Amie DeFeo3rd Grade Teacher2552adefeo@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Kelly Carney3rd Grade Teacher2544kcarney@washtwpsd.org
Miss Amanda Smith3rd Grade Teacher2548amsmith@washtwpsd.org
Resource TeachersResource Staff Voice MailEmail
Mrs. Christina RichardsonSpecial Education Teacher2541crichardson@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Toni Ann Smith
Special Education Teacher2534tasmith@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Rebecca WhalenSpecial Education Teacher2620rwhalen@washtwpsd.org
Basic Skills TeachersBasic SkillsVoice MailEmail
Ms. Sue GrahamBasic Skills Teacher2531sgraham@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Pam SlackBasic Skills Teacher2530pslack@washtwpsd.org
Miss. Rebecca ClinebellBasic Skills2533rclinebell@washtwpsd.org
Building Staff MembersBuilding StaffVoice MailEmail
Mr. Michael NeuPrincipal & Director of Special Services2503mneu@washtwpsd.org
Ms. Noreen McGearySchool Nurse2507nmcgeary@washtwpsd.org
Mr. Rob BorusovicPhysical Education Teacher2571rborusovic@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Caryn KaluznyPort Colden Secretary2500ckaluzny@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Chris HamasPC Part Time Secretary2500chamas@washtwpsd.org
Ms. Jillian GudallCafeteria Staff2522jgudall@washtwpsd.org
Mr. Matt HoffmanCustodial Staff2527mhoffman@washtwpsd.org
Ms. Dora Paz-HernandezCustodial Staff2527dpazhernandez@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Nicole SmithSpeech Teacher 2547nsmith@washtwpsd.org
CST Staff MembersCST StaffVoice MailEmail
Mrs. Jennifer BorusovicSchool Psychologist2685jborusovic@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Erin KarlSchool Social Worker2609ekarl@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Caryn KaluznyChild Study Team Secretary2610ckaluzny@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Genevieve WilliamsBCBA/Special Education4525gwilliams@washtwpsd.org
Mrs.Rebecca WhalenLDTC2620rwhalen@washtwpsd.org
Paraprofessionals MembersParaprofessionalsEmail
Mrs. Deb CorradoParaprofessionaldcorrado@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Nancy LillyParaprofessionalnlilly@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Sheri MeccaParaprofessionalsmecca@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Colleen MoreaParaprofessionalcmorea@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Barbara Pierson Paraprofessionalbpierson@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Margaret PrendergastParaprofessionalmprendergast@washtwpsd.org
Ms. Agatha RussoParaprofessionalarusso@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Ann Marie SchulteParaprofessionalaschulte@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Antoinette StandishParaprofessionalastandish@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Michelle VanNestParaprofessionalmvannest@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Courtney WardParaprofessionalcward@washtwpsd.org
District Staff MembersDistrict StaffVoice MailEmail
Mrs. Erin Porter
Music Teacher
Mrs. Christine DrevitchEnrichment Coordinator4665cdrevitch@washtwpsd.org
Miss. Mikaela MeierArt Teacher4667mmeier@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Jessica GarciaBrass Castle Principal & Technology Director3600jgarcia@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Katherine FerraraOccupational Therapist2552kferrara@washtwpsd.org
Mr. Mark FlumerfeltTechnician4668mflumerfelt@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Heidi KaivenMedia Center Specialist4614hkaiven@washtwpsd.org
Ms. Leslie KrauseSpanish Teacher3683lkrause@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Heather WulffChild Care Director2565hwulff@washtwpsd.org
Mr. Michael AngeloniBuildings & Grounds Coordinator1608mangeloni@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Deb TierneyGuidance Counselor3543dtierney@washtwpsd.org
Central Office MembersCentral Office StaffVoice MailEmail
Mr. Keith NeuhsSuperintendent of Schools1602kneuhs@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Jean FlynnBusiness Administrator1606jflynn@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Maureen MillerAdmin. Asst. BA/1605mmiller@washtwpsd.org
Mrs. Peggy EdmistonTransportation Coordinator1603pedmiston@washtwpsd.org

Harassment, Intimidation, & Bullying (HIB)

Beginning with the September 2011-2012 school year, our district has conscientiously implemented the requirements in the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act. For additional information please click the Read More button.

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