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School policy is developed and implemented for the benefit and protection of all persons involved in the education process – children, staff members, and parents.  We refer specifically to the administration of over the counter or prescription medication to pupils by the School Nurse in the school setting.  The following are minimal requirements within the guidelines set forth by the Health Division of the New Jersey Department of Education an Health Insurance portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA):

If your child is to receive medication in school, including over the counter (OTC) medications, (these include oral; eye or nose drops; any creams/skin products), a prescription with the doctor’s signature and stamp must accompany the medication and your written request.  Due to the HIPAA law, even though parents may request a physician/office fax an order to the school nurse, the physician does not have to honor this request.  Then the parent is responsible for obtaining the complete written order and bringing it in to school,  have it sent in the mail, or have their physician’s office fax (see fax numbers listed below) it to the School Nurse.  The prescription must state the name of the medication, its purpose, the dosage and time it is to be given, and how long it is to be administered (i.e., 2 weeks, school year, etc.).  A parental/physician authorization form is available under the “Forms” link on this page.  Medication (including OTC) must be brought to school in the original container by the parent appropriately labeled by the pharmacy or physician.

The nurse cannot dispense any medication until the complete prescription information and the properly labeled medication are in the Health Office.

The medication will be kept in the Health Office and given at the proper time.  Medications in any form, i.e. prescription, over the counter medications, Tylenol, eye drops, nose drops, etc., may not be transported on the bus except in the case of life threatening illness  such as asthma or anaphylaxis.  The child’s physician must state in writing that the child is capable of and has been instructed in the proper administration of the required medication and that he/she may carry it on their person.

Medications that contain any herbs (including OTC) are not allowed to be given in school.

Brass Castle Fax #:  908-689-9158

Port Colden Fax #:  908-689-8584

Approval Form for Medication

Each Health Office has a supply of calamine lotion, ointment or first aid cream for scrapes, and allergy drops.