Welcome to the Washington Township School District located in beautiful Warren County. Our school district consists of two elementary schools, the Port Colden School and the Brass Castle School, educating students in grades kindergarten through sixth. Washington Township School District is a place that reflects, nurtures and promotes the sense of fellowship so valued by the community it serves.

The district has evolved towards a student-centered curriculum rich in quality literature where the process as well as the product of writing is stressed. In Math there is an emphasis on problem solving and application in addition to computational skills. We have rapidly expanded technology, so that our students have access to not only equipment and software, but are able to integrate technology into their day-to-day activities. The entire faculty has been trained to use technology as a teaching tool. The district also offers many co-curricular activities such as Coding Club, Talent Show, Gardening Club, Photography Club, Field Hockey Club, and Blue and White Band.

The teaching staff is a dynamic, diverse group of veteran and new teachers, who eagerly participate in professional development. Committed to quality, our teachers continue to reflect upon current practices in light of recent research findings. The faculty is committed to an instructional program which fosters and enhances the development of a community of learners within which students learn to set and achieve high standards.

Funds raised through PTA activities support many aspects of the curriculum through enrichment and cultural activities, new materials and equipment. Most important, however, is the positive and cooperative relationship of the parents, the teachers and the children who work together on a variety of projects. We are proud of the exceptionally high and active involvement by Washington Township families in our school activities and functions. In closing, the high quality efforts of all of our teachers, parents, students, and staff members continually move us toward our goals of achievement and overall program excellence.


Mr. Keith T. Neuhs
Superintendent of Schools

. . . . . . . . . .

Mrs. Jessica L. Garcia
Brass Castle Elementary

. . . . . . . . . .

Mr. Michael J. Neu
Port Colden Elementary