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30 Port Colden Rd.
Washington, NJ 07882
P: 908-689-0681 ext. 2610
F: 908-835-0178


The Special Services team is a group of professionals who help in identifying students who have special educational needs.  Our team includes a School Psychologist, Social Worker, Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant, Speech and Language Specialists, secretary, and more.

When evaluating students with learning, developmental, or social/emotional challenges, we work with staff and parents to develop an appropriate educational plan. This plan will help the student use the best learning methods to experience academic success.

The Washington Township School District offers a variety of programs for students with special educational needs, which address students’ varied learning needs.  The Child Study Team (CST) office is located at Port Colden Elementary School. To contact us, please call the CST office at (908) 689-0681, ext. 2610.

Child Find

Child Find 2018

Project “Child Find” is available to parents of children ages 2-21 who might need specialized support in various developmental areas.  Parents of preschool children can get services for their child having trouble speaking, seeing, hearing, walking, running, manipulating small objects, etc.

If a child is presenting delays in any of these areas, he or she may be experiencing physical or learning problems, which, with early detection, could be partially or totally corrected.

The local school district’s Special Services/Child Study Team is also responsible for locating, identifying and evaluating anyone ages 2-21 residing within the school district who may be disabled, regardless of the severity of the disability.  These difficulties could include physical impairments, learning challenges, or disabilities including sensory, communication, cognitive, emotional, or social difficulties that may affect a child’s success in school.  The CST can offer assistance in identifying and treating these concerns.

These services also apply to students attending private schools and to transients. Assistance is free, professional, and confidential.  Students identified may be eligible for special education and related services.

Speech Services

Speech-Language Specialists evaluate children who are referred by teachers, parents, or Early Intervention Programs with potential delays in the areas of articulation, voice, or fluency.  If a child is found to be eligible, speech-language services are then provided.  If you have questions regarding Speech Services, please call Brass Castle School at (908) 689-1188, ext. 3618 or Port Colden School at  (908) 689-0681, ext. 2506.

Child Study Team Handbook

Child Study Team Parent Handbook 2019-2020 Special Ed Handbook

Additional Information

For additional information, questions, or concerns within the Washington Township School District, please contact the Special Services office at Port Colden School by calling 908-689-0681, ext. 2610 or email at ckaluzny@washtwpsd.org.